How to easily migrate Outlook for mac to Windows pst with this amazing tool


I am a photographer who travels all around the world to capture and write art. I’m a delicate person and always try to express and preserve exactly what I feel and see, sharing the work with my family and friends.

I recently bought myself a PC with Outlook for Windows as its main email client which was different from what I used to work on. I could no longer use my old applications, especially my old Outlook for Mac mailbox. Without the possibility to use my mailbox, I had to search for a converter program to solve this incompatibility issue.

I found this converter program that’s called OLM to PST Converter Ultimate from Gladwev Private Limited. It helped me convert my entire Outlook for Mac email client and gave me the possibility to preserve my mailbox the way I needed.

Below, I enumerated a list of all its amazing features I personally liked and made me experience a wonderful process:

The first thing that caught my attention was its limited edition, available on their website for free download. I was allowed to convert a limited number of 10 emails from each of my folder. This way, I could experience an OLM to Pst conversion at its full potential giving me the opportunity to make an impression.

I appreciated the fact that I could convert my Outlook for Mac mailbox to Pst directly from my Mac device. I could open my new PST email client easily, without any problem.

Secondly, after I launched the application, I received instructions from a friendly wizard that guided me through every step of the process. All the important information was available on my screen without useless steps to waste my time. I was supervised the entire process with simple and easy hints for a pleasant experience.

Thanks to a well-appreciated feature- The Express mood – my mailbox was detected instantly, with all my emails, attachments, and account information ready to be migrated. The only thing that was missing was my acceptance which consisted in just a few clicks here and there.

My personal data found in both Mac and Pc merged together in one separate folder for each of my folders. My contacts found in my address book fields merged in a .vcf file extension in their same order with their same structure. The same thing happened with my important calendar dates that were fully preserved to one iCal folder.

I didn’t encounter any problems at all with the process. The errors and bugs I read about on the internet were absent. This impressive well optimized system gave me a smooth migration without disruptions that could compromise my data.

The most important and crucial aspect represented the preservation of my HD photographs through the entire process. I was a little nervous that they might lose their quality, but it wasn’t the case. All my attachments included images, slides, and photographs migrated without any change within. I faced my same beautiful photographs with all their rich colors and accuracy. I was pleasantly surprised by its perfect copies.

And last, but not least- the speed was incredible. I managed to convert all my 43500 emails with attachments as well in approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. Without and interruptions or my contestant supervision, this application did is job flawless.

This OLM to PST Converter Ultimate did all the hard work without any crashes and time-consuming process. From now on, I won’t use anything else, due its perfect features that meet any requirements I ask for. This software definitely deserves 5 stars without any cons along.

Download trial version free at


How to migrate the data from Olm files to Pst Exhaustively


To convert .Olm to Pst file shouldn’t be as hard as it is made out to be. The reason is that there are so many ordinary and useless Olm file converters out there that it has really made this task infamous. But all you need to get through your transfer of emails is just a decent and professional software.

Olm file converter

Olm File – It is a file associated with Mac Outlook and it stores all the information (folders, contacts, calendar, tasks, etc.) in this format.

Pst file – It servers the similar function in Windows Outlook. All of your emails and other items are stored inside Pst files.

To move from Outlook Mac to Windows Outlook, simply convert Olm files to Pst. Then, import Pst files into Outlook using its export/import feature that is built right in.

If you don’t already have an Olm file, in Outlook 2011 (Mac), go to ‘import’ → ‘Outlook for Mac data file’ → select the folders to archive → click next and follow the instructions. Choose the location to save Olm file.

To convert this Olm file that you created to Pst file, you need a good software, an .Olm converter that can perform its task with perfection. One such software is called “Olm to Pst Converter”, and you can download the free trial here.

How to Convert Olm to Pst?

For that, simply follow these instructions –

  • Click “Load”
  • Choose Olm files that you archived above
  • The tool will then show you the folders inside the file
  • Choose the folders for conversion by checking the boxes next to them.
  • Click convert

Depending on the size, it will take few minutes. Once the conversion is complete, you area ready to import this back to Outlook in Windows.

It is very easy to do that. Click on “import” and choose “pst format” to import. Go to the location where the software saved your newly converted Pst file and choose it. Within seconds, all the contents (emails, contacts, and calendar data) will be show in your Outlook for Windows.

Try it here