.Olm to .Pst Converter That Can Convert Data Effectively Without Any Data Integrity Loss


Any decent .Olm to .Pst Converter would be able to convert the files without any modification in content. Most converters fail to do so. The data elements, such as images, attachments, folder hierarchy, non-English content, and other meta-data are frequently lost or modified by ordinary tools.

This type of data loss or unwanted changes is called data integrity loss and is a major concern during Olm to Pst conversion.

What you need is a professional .Olm to .Pst Converter, and by far, the best I have found in my experience and in others’ that I have recommended them to is – “Olm to Pst Converter Pro”.

The tool has a quiet astonishing ability to read and scan Olm files without losing a single unit of data. Be it email attachments, embedded images, non-English text, nested messages, or any other meta-data associated with emails – it will convert everything without a single unwanted modified detail.

How to Convert Olm to Pst using the tool?

It’s simple. First of all you need to export data from Mac Outlook to Olm file. Do that by going to ‘file’ → ‘export’ → select the data you want to export and follow the instructions. The file created is an Olm file which you will use with “Olm to Pst Converter Pro”.

Launch the tool and load Olm files. At second step, choose the folders that you want to convert manually. Lastly, check the additional settings (like, split Pst files size, merging all Olm files into one, etc.). Then finally, click “convert”.

The tool will take few minutes to convert Olm to Pst depending on the size of the files chosen. Once completed, you will get the notification.

To try it now, click here and download the free trial version.


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