Convert Mac OLM to PST with OLM to PST Converter Tool


There are number of applications for OLM to PST conversion on the Mac market with free download and many features that seem useful. However, after using them for some time you’ll realize that their potential is limited and that their performance often jeopardizes the quality of the resulting data. Luckily, there are other, efficient and more reliable software like OLM to PST Converter Tool which will deliver success every time and preserve not only the content of the data, but as much of the original structure as possible. Download the trial OLM to PST Converter Tool today and start converting OLM data from Mac to PST format for Windows easily.


Export Olm to Pst With Certainty About Data Safety


The job of exporting Olm to Pst is full of blunders, even by experts. The most frequent and significant type of blunders are data loss and incomplete conversion. Another major burden upon this sphere surrounding email migration is plain frustration of using sloppy, awkward-to-use, and downright unusable third party tools.

Gladwev Software’s Mac Utility, refined and loaded with advanced algorithms, dubbed as – Olm to Pst Converter Pro – marks an end to that age of inefficiency and helplessness enveloping Olm to Pst Migration affairs for a long time.

This tool – “Olm to Pst Converter Pro” – touched every single aspect of the task of transferring Olm to Pst, and reformed all of it, resulting in a flawless utility for users to convert their files with utmost flexibility, precision, and efficiency.

The top feature of the tool is it’s user-interface, which is graphical based, and in spite of loading it with myriad of unique and helpful features, using the tool is actually very simple and feels intuitive.

Another major difference has been it’s exceptional ability to deal with multiple Olm files. You can load huge and any number of Olm files and it convert all of them to Pst in one go. Additionally, there is also an option available to merge all Olm files to a single Pst file. At no point during the conversion of Olm to Pst files, the tool shows any sign of lag or performance issues.

Here are couple of more features added to “Olm to Pst Converter Pro” that simply turned the face of Olm to Pst migration industry upside down, and brought the viable option for users to migrate emails, contacts, and calendar entries from Mac to Windows Outlook.

  • Split Large Pst files
  • Displays folders inside Olm files
  • Allows users to manually choose folders for conversion
  • Preservers Folder Hierarchy
  • Preserves Embedded Images
  • Preservers other email properties and meta-data including to, cc, bcc, subject, from, etc.
  • Supports conversion of all languages
  • Converts contacts and calendar to appropriate form in Outlook Pst file
  • Full report in the end with details of the entire Olm to Pst conversion process
  • 24×7 customer support

The free trial version, available here, allows users to evaluate the tool, it’s features, and performance without any risk. The only limitation with the trial edition is that it limits conversion to 10 items per folder.

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A new .olm to .pst Converter by Gladwev Software


A revolutionary conversion application is brought to us Mac users by the technological company Gladwev Software. They have number of software products in store, but the OLM to PST Converter Tool has gained most success lately. This is a program you can use on the Mac or Windows computer to help you migrate data from one Outlook client to another. Its features are amazing and they provide top-notch results every time. You can purchase one of the license keys for the full version of this .olm to .pst converter, or download the trial version and use it for free for thirty days.


How to Convert OLM to PST unsurpassably?


Ideal Conversion of OLM to PST using the ideal most tool- OLM to PST Converter Pro

Mac Outlook, an email client that most of the entrepreneurs have, has gradually lost its sheen, as you all may be well aware of. The replacement has been done by the simple and old but expert Windows Outlook which can handle each and every task similarly as the Mac Outlook can but in a simple manner. This shift from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook has increased the demand of a conversion tool that could convert OLM to PST perfectly.

One such conversion tool that has been made available to all the Mac users recently is the OLM to PST Converter Pro by Gladwev Softwares which helps its users convert OLM to PST easily in a narrow time frame.

The application renders help wherever and whenever you need it. It will help you carry thousands of database files from OLM to PST within a matter of minutes and you will be very happy to see a healthy conversion of OLM to PST occurring every time.

The Unicode Contents which is the most difficult part of any OLM file to PST conversion is the first thing which we have taken care of, keeping in mind that you could be one of the most socialite persons.

Then comes your folders’ hierarchy which is untouched and unaffected when you use Gladwev’s OLM to PST Converter.

We also provide you many more advantages, one of them being free life time updates. This is feature made available to you if you buy the application tool, be it any type of license. Also, you get free trial version to test the features of the application before you go for it.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the trial version from

OLM to PST Converter for Mac free by Gladwev Software


Gladwev has been on the Mac market for years and for the time has gathered millions of users who like reliable software which deliver quality in a timely manner. Even though many conversion apps promise speedy conversion of unlimited number of files, almost none of them reaches to the promised and ends up corrupting all your files and sometimes it even destroys them. The OLM to PST Converter Tool for Mac performs conversion in a way that you’ll like because it’s safe and efficient. In case there are too many OLM files you submit for the conversion, the system can merge them into one file which you’ll find more practical to handle.

OLM to PST Converter free



Years ago, if someone had said that OLM to PST Conversion is possible, I would have labeled him crazy. But, now that I have experienced how easy and peaceful the process can be and know the best tool for the task, it pains me terribly to see people lost in despair and hopelessness because of experiencing failure in this process. Through this blog, I try to bring a silver lining in those lives.

convert olm to pst

I had just joined a multi-national corporation back then, when my boss asked me to get his OLM files converted to PST format. He commanded that the task should be done in one day only. I overestimated the easiness of the task when there was nothing easy in it at all. The task was loaded with difficulties and complexities I had never seen before. But, I gathered my courage and started to look for a suitable method or expert help.

The pressure was building and I was nowhere. I tried the manual method someone had suggested in a blog. I created my IMAP account. I tried to drag OLM files to a folder of IMAP and then to Windows Outlook, but soon, I realized that 18 GB of my boss’ OLM database, in this way, will be converted to PST format only in weeks. I didn’t even have one day by that time, just hours.

So, I tried the next method. I tried to find the best third-party tool for this process. There were plenty to choose from, all claiming to be the best.

It was a risky process and then I was handling my boss’ data, therefore, I made some preparation before attempting to execute OLM to PST conversion with the help of a tool. I made backup of my boss’ data which took another hour or two. Then I tried my first tool, the name of which I don’t even remember so insignificant was its performance. Nothing was achieved in the first 3 attempts.

At last, I stumbled upon OLM to PST Converter by Gladwev. The tool had remarkable ratings and testimonials to its credit, but I tried the free trial version and decided to inspect on my own. The tool amazed me completely.

Not only it converted every content of my boss’ OLM database to PST format, but that too in less than an hour, with astounding accuracy, making it the only delightful OLM to PST Conversion experience I have ever had.

Download OLM to PST Converter free now to see all the progress you want to see in OLM to PST Conversion.

OLM to PST Conversion done flawlessly with the unique OLM to PST Converter Tool


There are number of reasons why you might need to switch from an Apple computer to one that’s compatible with Microsoft OS, some are business related and others can be the result of personal preferences. The transition in general can go by smoothly but only if you have the right tool for conversion of files from formats specific for Apple OS to those that are compatible with Windows.

OLM to PST Converter free

Gladwev Software has developed OLM to PST Converter Tool for converting OLM email extension from Outlook Mac 2011/Outlook Mac 2016 to PST format for Microsoft Outlook for Windows and can proudly claim that it will make sure that all your email data moves safely.

OLM to PST Converter Tool changes only the format, the content remains intact

If you’ve been thinking about switching from Outlook for Mac to Outlook for Windows for months or years but still haven’t got around it because you thought that the migration might take too much of your time and you’ll end up with damaged data, let us show you that this doesn’t have to be the outcome for you.

Gladwev understands the concerns of Mac users and that’s why the team of experienced engineers that worked on the development of OLM to PST Converter Tool tried to prevent possible problems with cutting-edge technology.

– OLM to PST Converter Tool converts not only emails, but contacts and calendars as well as they are equally important for the user as mail files.

– Data is important, but so it is its original structure because the user is accustomed to it and needs no more than a minute to find a file. OLM to PST Converter Tool was designed to preserve the order of folders after the conversion as well as their original hierarchy.

– OLM to PST Converter Tool keeps the attached documents in the files after migrating them from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook. Also, multiple levels of nested messages are kept intact.

Conert OLM to PST with the Special Step-by-Step Wizard Interface

You’ll most definitely find it easy to convert OLM to PST because the process includes basically three steps, but if you however need assistance, try the Step-by-Step Wizard Interface where the migration is explained in details. With the OLM to PST Converter Tool even the novice computer users can convert OLM mail data to PST like professionals.