The Perfect Outlook Olm to Pst Migration Solution


Desktop email clients is a fantastic way to manage your emailing needs. These days the desktop email clients have advanced to a considerable degree as compared to their web-based counter parts. Users are free to delete emails and other data from the web servers and keep it safe in the computer. This allows for huge collection of data without worrying about running out of space on servers. This specially helps in business setting where the number of emails with huge files as attachments can reach a big number.

But all of this functionality comes at a compromise. With the web-based email clients, you can access your emails from anywhere. You can still do that if you haven’t deleted anything from servers to free up space. However, if your data is collected in the identity folders of email clients and not on servers, you can’t access them from anywhere else.

Second problem with data stored offline is the lack of good solutions when it comes to data transfer. That is the issue that we are dealing with in this article.

The Professional Approach to Convert .Olm to .Pst

So most users have Outlook installed, on both Mac and Windows platform as their respective versions. To transfer data from Mac to Windows Outlook becomes quiet challenging. That’s where the solution of converting .Olm to .Pst comes in.

Quick introduction to Olm and Pst

Olm and Pst files are the data file formats used by Mac and Windows Outlook respectively. They can be created automatically by adjusting the setting, so your data automatically gets managed in separate files for future purposes. You can also manually archive all your emails, contacts, and calendar entries into a new Olm file using the ‘export’ feature of Mac Outlook. Same case is with Windows Outlook.

Where it gets troublesome

The trouble begins with the fact that Windows Outlook doesn’t recognize Olm files. You can’t import files with Olm format if you want Mac Outlook data in Windows Outlook. With data on online servers, you can simply sync everything, but that’s not the option with the data in Olm files.

Convert Outlook Olm to Pst

But there is nothing to worry about. Simply convert Outlook Olm to Pst using this tool. The link will take you the free trial download of “Olm to Pst converter Pro”, which is a brilliant showcase of a modern technology for file conversion needs. This program effectively loads any number of Olm files (of any size) and converts the data to Pst in surprisingly quick amount of time.

After which, the path is clear as a summer sky. Copy the files from Mac computer, and save/paste them on your Windows PC. Open Outlook on Windows, go to ‘file’ → ‘Import’. Select the same Pst files to import, and you can see all the folders, contacts, and calendar data properly uploaded/imported into your Windows Outlook with perfect original folders structure. The tool also doesn’t modify any kind of information, keep every item intact and preserved.

Free Support

To make it even more simpler and reliable, you get 24×7 customer support. Which may come in handy, even though the whole process is simple, thanks to the impressive design of GUI.

The link is given above for the free trial edition.


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