OLM to PST Conversion done flawlessly with the unique OLM to PST Converter Tool


There are number of reasons why you might need to switch from an Apple computer to one that’s compatible with Microsoft OS, some are business related and others can be the result of personal preferences. The transition in general can go by smoothly but only if you have the right tool for conversion of files from formats specific for Apple OS to those that are compatible with Windows.

OLM to PST Converter free

Gladwev Software has developed OLM to PST Converter Tool for converting OLM email extension from Outlook Mac 2011/Outlook Mac 2016 to PST format for Microsoft Outlook for Windows and can proudly claim that it will make sure that all your email data moves safely.

OLM to PST Converter Tool changes only the format, the content remains intact

If you’ve been thinking about switching from Outlook for Mac to Outlook for Windows for months or years but still haven’t got around it because you thought that the migration might take too much of your time and you’ll end up with damaged data, let us show you that this doesn’t have to be the outcome for you.

Gladwev understands the concerns of Mac users and that’s why the team of experienced engineers that worked on the development of OLM to PST Converter Tool tried to prevent possible problems with cutting-edge technology.

– OLM to PST Converter Tool converts not only emails, but contacts and calendars as well as they are equally important for the user as mail files.

– Data is important, but so it is its original structure because the user is accustomed to it and needs no more than a minute to find a file. OLM to PST Converter Tool was designed to preserve the order of folders after the conversion as well as their original hierarchy.

– OLM to PST Converter Tool keeps the attached documents in the files after migrating them from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook. Also, multiple levels of nested messages are kept intact.

Conert OLM to PST with the Special Step-by-Step Wizard Interface

You’ll most definitely find it easy to convert OLM to PST because the process includes basically three steps, but if you however need assistance, try the Step-by-Step Wizard Interface where the migration is explained in details. With the OLM to PST Converter Tool even the novice computer users can convert OLM mail data to PST like professionals.


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