Years ago, if someone had said that OLM to PST Conversion is possible, I would have labeled him crazy. But, now that I have experienced how easy and peaceful the process can be and know the best tool for the task, it pains me terribly to see people lost in despair and hopelessness because of experiencing failure in this process. Through this blog, I try to bring a silver lining in those lives.

convert olm to pst

I had just joined a multi-national corporation back then, when my boss asked me to get his OLM files converted to PST format. He commanded that the task should be done in one day only. I overestimated the easiness of the task when there was nothing easy in it at all. The task was loaded with difficulties and complexities I had never seen before. But, I gathered my courage and started to look for a suitable method or expert help.

The pressure was building and I was nowhere. I tried the manual method someone had suggested in a blog. I created my IMAP account. I tried to drag OLM files to a folder of IMAP and then to Windows Outlook, but soon, I realized that 18 GB of my boss’ OLM database, in this way, will be converted to PST format only in weeks. I didn’t even have one day by that time, just hours.

So, I tried the next method. I tried to find the best third-party tool for this process. There were plenty to choose from, all claiming to be the best.

It was a risky process and then I was handling my boss’ data, therefore, I made some preparation before attempting to execute OLM to PST conversion with the help of a tool. I made backup of my boss’ data which took another hour or two. Then I tried my first tool, the name of which I don’t even remember so insignificant was its performance. Nothing was achieved in the first 3 attempts.

At last, I stumbled upon OLM to PST Converter by Gladwev. The tool had remarkable ratings and testimonials to its credit, but I tried the free trial version and decided to inspect on my own. The tool amazed me completely.

Not only it converted every content of my boss’ OLM database to PST format, but that too in less than an hour, with astounding accuracy, making it the only delightful OLM to PST Conversion experience I have ever had.

Download OLM to PST Converter free now to see all the progress you want to see in OLM to PST Conversion.


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