Export Olm to Pst With Certainty About Data Safety


The job of exporting Olm to Pst is full of blunders, even by experts. The most frequent and significant type of blunders are data loss and incomplete conversion. Another major burden upon this sphere surrounding email migration is plain frustration of using sloppy, awkward-to-use, and downright unusable third party tools.

Gladwev Software’s Mac Utility, refined and loaded with advanced algorithms, dubbed as – Olm to Pst Converter Pro – marks an end to that age of inefficiency and helplessness enveloping Olm to Pst Migration affairs for a long time.

This tool – “Olm to Pst Converter Pro” – touched every single aspect of the task of transferring Olm to Pst, and reformed all of it, resulting in a flawless utility for users to convert their files with utmost flexibility, precision, and efficiency.

The top feature of the tool is it’s user-interface, which is graphical based, and in spite of loading it with myriad of unique and helpful features, using the tool is actually very simple and feels intuitive.

Another major difference has been it’s exceptional ability to deal with multiple Olm files. You can load huge and any number of Olm files and it convert all of them to Pst in one go. Additionally, there is also an option available to merge all Olm files to a single Pst file. At no point during the conversion of Olm to Pst files, the tool shows any sign of lag or performance issues.

Here are couple of more features added to “Olm to Pst Converter Pro” that simply turned the face of Olm to Pst migration industry upside down, and brought the viable option for users to migrate emails, contacts, and calendar entries from Mac to Windows Outlook.

  • Split Large Pst files
  • Displays folders inside Olm files
  • Allows users to manually choose folders for conversion
  • Preservers Folder Hierarchy
  • Preserves Embedded Images
  • Preservers other email properties and meta-data including to, cc, bcc, subject, from, etc.
  • Supports conversion of all languages
  • Converts contacts and calendar to appropriate form in Outlook Pst file
  • Full report in the end with details of the entire Olm to Pst conversion process
  • 24×7 customer support

The free trial version, available here, allows users to evaluate the tool, it’s features, and performance without any risk. The only limitation with the trial edition is that it limits conversion to 10 items per folder.

Buy Now : –http://www.olmtopstconverterpro.com/moving-outlook-mac-windows-outlook-simple


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