How you access your emails using the OLM to PST Converter


convert olm to pst formatConvert .OLM emails to .PST format edition and experience unmatched freedom in how you access your emails using the OLM to PST Converter

There are a lot of Mac users who use Outlook for Mac 2011 email account for their email communication and would like to move to Windows. Outlook Mac uses a file format known as .OLM. In contrast, other email clients such as Windows Outlook uses what is known as the .PST file. As a result, it is always difficult to view Outlook Mac emails from Windows Outlook due to the incompatibility of the two file types. The only way to access your emails in Outlook Mac from Windows Outlook, is by converting the .OLM file format to .PST using a reliable email conversion program. The process of migrating emails from one email account to another is known as email conversion. It is a decent solution for transferring emails from one email format to another. When searching for a good .OLM to .PST migration software, a Google search will give you a lot of options to choose from. However, most of these tools cannot handle conversion from .OLM to .PST efficiently. If you want the best and professional results, the OLM to PST Converter ultimate edition is the currently the best conversion engine in available.

Use the OLM to PST Converter ultimate edition to perform a smooth and stress-free transition from .OLM to .PST

Moving from Outlook Mac to Windows Outlook may seem like a simple matter of copying the .OLM archive file to Windows and waiting for the transfer to happen. However, Outlook Mac migration is much more complicated than this. That is the main reason why most .OLM to .PST conversion engines in the market offer a raw deal when it comes to the migration of Outlook Mac emails to Windows. For instance, some software risk either losing or corrupting your data during the conversion process. Moreover, it is difficult to find a decent .OLM to .PST software since most of the tools in the market do not run directly on Mac. For a chance to easily and securely carry out perfect conversion from .OLM format into .PST, download and install the OLM to PST Converter ultimate edition.

The OLM to PST Converter ultimate edition is equipped with amazing features that make it easy even for a rookie to perform .OLM to .PST transfer

.olm to .pst converter

The OLM to PST Converter offers Mac users the free chance to download the demo version. The demo version allows Mac users to convert a maximum of ten .OLM files in every folder and sub-folder in the Outlook Mac database into .PST. All these happen in a matter of minutes even when in bulk. As compared to other OLM to PST converters in the market, the ultimate edition is capable of arranging all your newly exported PST files into the same structure and hierarchy as they were previously before the conversion process. Other OLM to PST tools in the market simply cannot keep your files together. As a result, you will have to arrange the newly converted .PST files on your own and match other details such as attachments and email headers. To conclude, the OLM to PST Converter also able to merge small .OLM files into larger .PST files which makes the email migration process from Outlook Mac to Windows Outlook as smooth as possible. Download a free copy of the OLM to PST Converter today and enjoy the freedom of sharing your emails across platforms.


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