How to Convert OLM to PST unsurpassably?


Ideal Conversion of OLM to PST using the ideal most tool- OLM to PST Converter Pro

Mac Outlook, an email client that most of the entrepreneurs have, has gradually lost its sheen, as you all may be well aware of. The replacement has been done by the simple and old but expert Windows Outlook which can handle each and every task similarly as the Mac Outlook can but in a simple manner. This shift from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook has increased the demand of a conversion tool that could convert OLM to PST perfectly.

One such conversion tool that has been made available to all the Mac users recently is the OLM to PST Converter Pro by Gladwev Softwares which helps its users convert OLM to PST easily in a narrow time frame.

The application renders help wherever and whenever you need it. It will help you carry thousands of database files from OLM to PST within a matter of minutes and you will be very happy to see a healthy conversion of OLM to PST occurring every time.

The Unicode Contents which is the most difficult part of any OLM file to PST conversion is the first thing which we have taken care of, keeping in mind that you could be one of the most socialite persons.

Then comes your folders’ hierarchy which is untouched and unaffected when you use Gladwev’s OLM to PST Converter.

We also provide you many more advantages, one of them being free life time updates. This is feature made available to you if you buy the application tool, be it any type of license. Also, you get free trial version to test the features of the application before you go for it.

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How to migrate the data from Olm files to Pst Exhaustively


To convert .Olm to Pst file shouldn’t be as hard as it is made out to be. The reason is that there are so many ordinary and useless Olm file converters out there that it has really made this task infamous. But all you need to get through your transfer of emails is just a decent and professional software.

Olm file converter

Olm File – It is a file associated with Mac Outlook and it stores all the information (folders, contacts, calendar, tasks, etc.) in this format.

Pst file – It servers the similar function in Windows Outlook. All of your emails and other items are stored inside Pst files.

To move from Outlook Mac to Windows Outlook, simply convert Olm files to Pst. Then, import Pst files into Outlook using its export/import feature that is built right in.

If you don’t already have an Olm file, in Outlook 2011 (Mac), go to ‘import’ → ‘Outlook for Mac data file’ → select the folders to archive → click next and follow the instructions. Choose the location to save Olm file.

To convert this Olm file that you created to Pst file, you need a good software, an .Olm converter that can perform its task with perfection. One such software is called “Olm to Pst Converter”, and you can download the free trial here.

How to Convert Olm to Pst?

For that, simply follow these instructions –

  • Click “Load”
  • Choose Olm files that you archived above
  • The tool will then show you the folders inside the file
  • Choose the folders for conversion by checking the boxes next to them.
  • Click convert

Depending on the size, it will take few minutes. Once the conversion is complete, you area ready to import this back to Outlook in Windows.

It is very easy to do that. Click on “import” and choose “pst format” to import. Go to the location where the software saved your newly converted Pst file and choose it. Within seconds, all the contents (emails, contacts, and calendar data) will be show in your Outlook for Windows.

Try it here