OLM to PST Converter

Intro to Olm and Pst files

Olm and Pst files (for Mac and Windows Outlook respectively) are very advanced data file formats that utilize some complex high-end software technology. These files are like the primary storage facilities for Outlook, which can be used during the time of need.

Olm file to Pst converter

This serves many purposes including the backup and restoration, protection from corruption, transferring and exporting emails, etc.

Why convert Olm file to Pst?

Due to their complexity, it gets tricky at the transferring and exporting part, specially when data transferring Olm to Pst. With the recent version of Outlook 2016, Pst files can be imported into Outlook, thus making Pst to Olm migrations unnecessary hassle.

However, Olm files are not compatible with any Outlook for Windows versions, and thus we have to convert them to Pst in order to transfer emails and other items.

Concerns regarding Olm to Pst Conversion

The challenges during this conversion leads to certain concerns that can be uncomfortable for most users. Such as – incomplete migration. Often times, much of the detail and information inside Olm files do not get transferred. Examples include attachments, graphical objects inside emails, nested messages, and many other meta-data and properties.

Other concern usually comes up which is the amount of time consumed, specially if you have many Olm files with big size.

Another concern related to the same issue is oversizing of Pst files. If you are converting a big Olm file (or files), the resulting Pst file will also be huge. This causes concern during uploading it into Windows Outlook. Windows Outlook often times fail to import a big file.


The solution for these complications are not easy to come by. Fortunately, there is a tool now – Olm to Pst Converter Pro – that has been relieving many email migration doers with its incredible performance.

  • It converts the data completely, not missing a single element.
  • It works very fast, saving your precious time.
  • It features an option to limit Pst file size by splitting the large ones into smaller sizes.

A trial copy is available for those who want to first give it a little try. Download it hereTransferring Olm to Pst

Transferring Olm to Pst